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Perdido Street Station book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Beneath the towering bleached ribs of a dead, ancient bea.
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Do you have a favorite? CM: The problem is, of course, that one monster is not enough is one monster ever enough…? I want loads now. These answers are therefore only true for today. And Irena Dubrovna because of her facial expression of amused cruelty when she steps in human form to the side of the swimming pool. Q: Perdido Street Station is very cinematic in scope; was that your intention? CM: When I imagine a scene, I imagine it visually, but above all cinematically—I often find myself panning through a scene like a camera.

This is how I work—and it means that I am drawn to movie imagery. This means that sometimes you have to work hard to police the cliches and then come back and decide that the cliche is what you need and what you can get away with. I have scripted and cast both my novels in my head. How would you cast Perdido Street Station then? Anyone skinny wearing a rubber bug head.

Perdido Street Station (New Crobuzon Series #1)

Your mother now lives in Cuba and you spend a great deal of time there. What is the science-fiction community like in Cuba? They organize their own conventions one of which I spoke at , they publish their own books. But they also have very treasured paperback editions of US SF, mostly Golden Age stuff from the fifties and sixties, but some more recent, which they all share round and carefully read. The thing is that they have a considered and erudite but partial knowledge — what they could get their hands on, they know inside out, but there are holes, obviously.

Not much of the New Worlds avant-garde wave — I saw no Ballard, no Harrison, some Moorcock but mostly his pulpest fantasies I speak as a fan — which is a shame. Some of the SF writers — all of whom know each other, and who constitute a sub-group in a very supportive and small literary scene — are published in Latin America and Europe, most are published paid a pittance, if at all only in Cuba.

Whenever I go over there, I bring a bunch of paperbacks and leave them. Some people call you a fantasy writer; others classify you as a horror or science-fiction writer. How would you classify yourself? Part of that means not shying away when the dynamic of the aesthetic is quite cruel.

You mentioned Tolkien. Many consider him the father of modern fantasy. No elves, no dwarfs. Too often, that sort of thing is used as a shorthand for characterization, just a quickhand way of letting the reader know that a character is noble, or stolid, or whatever. I also dislike Destiny and Fate a whole lot, and it features heavily in a lot of fantasy. If I discover that some character is fulfilling an Ancient Prophecy I tend to lose interest. So who would you consider strong influences in your own writing?

CM: Philip K. Dick is probably my single favourite writer. I read something like Martian Timeslip or The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch and I feel that literature has been done, and that the rest of us are just adding footnotes.


John Harrison is astonishingly good. The whole Weird Fiction thing I mentioned before. Some of those people like Lovecraft and Hodgson are odd, in that their writing is horribly, horribly flawed, awkwardly written, overblown etc… and yet they had something. And there are loads of writers who haunt me for years, on the strength of a single short story. What about non-genre writers? Like Charlotte Bronte: Jane Eyre is one of my all-time top ten books, an incredible work of dark imagination.

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I love it because I get the same kind of breathless dislocation and fearful longing from it I do from the best genre literature. It freaks me out! Two normal human beings, and one would rather let the other starve than accept a commodity rather than money, even though the commodity is worth more than the money required, and we totally understand her point of view!!! The horror, the horror… Q. CM: Because my parents were hippies, and they looked through the dictionary for a "beautiful word.

Read An Excerpt. Paperback —. Add to Cart. About Perdido Street Station Beneath the towering bleached ribs of a dead, ancient beast lies New Crobuzon, a squalid city where humans, Re-mades, and arcane races live in perpetual fear of Parliament and its brutal militia. Also in Bas-Lag. Product Details. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Ryan Lawler, 9. While this book is part of a series, Perdido Street Station is essentially a standalone novel made up from a collection of short stories that are woven into one central story.

The central story revolves around Isaac, a neurotic scientist who is trying to manufacture a new set of wings for a Garuda a bird-like man whose wings had been ripped off as punishment for committing an unspeakable crime. Conducting his research by obtaining as many specimens of flying creatures as possible, Isaac unwittingly sets in motion a sequence of events that unleashes a bunch of monstrous Slake Moths.

These creatures terrorise the city of New Crobuzon, leaving their victims completely catatonic by feeding on their subconscious mind, and will continue to do so unless Isaac can figure out a way to stop them. This is a very busy novel, there are so many different stories in motion and it feels like something new happens every time you turn the page.

While on the whole this flood of information is handled exceptionally well, usually leading to some breathtaking action sequences, it can sometimes be very hard to keep up with.

As a result I found myself focusing almost exclusively on the main story, caring less and less about subplots that seemed to have nothing to do with the central story to the point where I was disregarding a lot of information, not knowing that it would become very important later in the story. Perdido Street Station is a well written and absorbing story aimed at breaking the rules for a number of different fantasy concepts. There are some minor issues regarding information overload and the use of profanities which can quickly remove the sense of immersion, but these are easily overcome by the beauty and creativity of the world that Mieville has created.

Perdido Street Station is a very intricate and complex novel that provides a refreshing challenge to the way in which epic fantasy is traditionally explored. The metropolis of New Crobuzon sprawls at the centre of its own bewildering world.

Perdido Street Station (New Crobuzon Series #1) by China Mieville, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

Humans and mutants and arcane races throng the gloom beneath its chimneys, where the rive The Scar New Crobuzon: Book 2 9. A colossal fantasy of incredible diversity and spellbinding imagination. A human cargo bound for servitude in exile A pirate city hauled across the oceans A hidden mi Iron Council New Crobuzon: Book 3 9. It is a time of revolts and revolutions, conflict and intrigue.

New Crobuzon is being ripped apart from without and within. War with the shadowy city-state of Tesh and riot We've found that while readers like to know what we think of a book they find additional reader reviews a massive help in deciding if it is the right book for them. So if you have a spare moment, please tell us your thoughts by writing a reader's review. Thank you. One of the most extraordinary books I have enjoyed, richly imaginative, brilliantly realized and well written. I am a big fan of Mieville, and this is one of his best, but also one of the worst, because all that brilliance is let down - literally betrayed, by its ending.

In the novel Mieville explores so many complex layers and nuances of society with such depth and sophistication, his descriptions of the biological impulses of the slake moths utterly genius. So why did he end the novel, topple its entire magnificent edifice, with some trite moralistic justification for what must be the most devastating betrayal of a key character - and, indeed, of the reader he carries so far? Abounding, odd and surprising, this is a baroque and sophisticated adventure, heavy with political and social meanings. As demanding as it is rewarding stay close to the dictionary , sometimes funny, often dark and subversive Definitly gripping.

Great book! Captivating, dark and really imaginative. A wonderful change in a world full of plain standard fantasy. Thank you for taking the time to write a review on this book, it really makes a difference and helps readers to find their perfect book. The Anubis Gates Tim Powers 9. Brendan Doyle is a twentieth-century English professor who travels back to London to attend a lecture given by English romantic poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

This is a The computer age has arrived a century ahead of time with Charles Babbage's perfection of his Analytical Engine.

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The Industrial Revolution, supercharged by the developm The Aeronaut's Windlass Jim Butcher 9. Since time immemorial, the Spires have sheltered humanity, towering for miles over the mist-shrouded surface of the world.

Perdido Street Station by China Mieville

Within their halls, aristocratic houses have rule Senlin Ascends Josiah Bancroft 9. The Tower of Babel is the greatest marvel of the Silk Age.

Immense as a mountain, the ancient The Merkabah Rider continues his journey across the American Southwest of in search of the renegade teacher who destroyed his mystic Jewish order in the second volume The Shadow Conspiracy Brenda Clough 8. A group of geniuses descended on Geneva and, in an attempt to save the body and mind of Lord Byron, perform dreadful and forbidden experime The Weavers of Saramyr Chris Wooding 8.

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An evil that comes from within the empire's centre, a sect of magicians close to the throne intent on killing any child born with magical powers. But now the empress ha